About Natural Touch
Natural Touch Massage LC  is comprised of a network of local professional massage
therapist.  Our team is strategically placed all over the Metro Detroit Area to service the
community more effectively and efficiently.  We respond to the request of a client within
two hours of a call.  Given the size and placement of our network,  our company is the
only massage therapy service with this capability.  Now we also have Spa Services.  
We'll Bring the Salon to YOU. Don't bother with Michigan's Traffic or Weather. Give us a
call and we can service you right at home, office or in your hotel.
1-877-801-5345   9am - 9pm 7 days a week

HIGHLY Recommended for Couples
About Us
Doesn't This Make You Want To
Indulge With That Special
.  Its REALLY Special
when you're relaxing together

It is our intension to provide the best Alternative Therapy to our surrounding
area.  Providing Stress Relieving therapy to the travelers and residents of
Southeast Michigan rather for business or leisure is a strong objective of
ours. The exposure of different relaxation and therapeutic methods will serve
as a catalyst for overall health.

One step at a time our goal is to expand our reach throughout the
community.  With branches of our company strategically placed in selective
areas we want to provide the Ultimate Therapeutic and Relaxation
experience for everyone who comes in contact with us as well as establishing
ourselves as the premier massage therapy service for the lodging and hotel
industry in the Try-county Area.  Soon Natural Touch Massage will be a
household name for anyone who enjoys and recognizes the importance of
Alternative Therapy methods.  Embracing the community with care and
educational information to lead a healthy life style is our primary focus.  
Relaxing the mind, body, & Spirit.

Our Network
Commitment To Change

For Your Health You Should:

1.  Eat three meals a day. (No Second Helpings)

2.  Sip a bottle of water in between meals or after meals.

3.  No meals after 8:00pm just light snacks.

4.  Eat fruits for snacks instead of candies or pastries.

5.  Walk Around Your Block At LEAST Once A Week.

6.  Take Detox & Nutritional Supplement As Suggested.

7.  Begin and End your day with a small glass of Monavie’.

8.  Leave the scale alone and focus on appearance and desired feeling.

9.  Buy a desired outfit a few sizes too small as an incentive for future.

10.  Stay away from Fast Foods and Frozen Foods.

The path to losing weight does not always require dieting. Your eating habits however,
must become regular and moderate. Sometimes waste builds up in lower intestines
creating fatigue and bloating.  You can eliminate these waste through detoxification. Your
body naturally slows down its natural metabolism later in the evening. No heavy foods or
meals should be eaten during slow metabolism. Fat is thick substance like tissue. Very
closely resembles margarine or creamy lard. It can only exit your body two ways. Either
through sweat or excretions (Restroom Use).  Water helps regulate your body
temperature, immune system and keeps fat more liquid to exit your body more

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Regular helps you remove excess
waste in your body.  This waste
consist of improperly digested
foods that could spend days in your
system. High in fiber and
ingredients to keep the colon &
intestinal track clean.
Vital is packed with essential
vitamins and minerals the body
needs for everyday operation.
Coated with a minty fresh seal to
lock in the ingredients. All natural
advanced technology to assist in the
body's Maximum absorption.
Weight loss formula that will
reduce your appetite, increase
lean body mass, increase
metabolism burning more
calories, and increase energy.
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