Qualified Massage Therapist in Metro Detroit
What IS a Massage and why is it Therapeutic?
Massage is one of the oldest and most widely practiced forms of
body work, performed through a system of stroking, pressing and
kneading different areas of the body to relieve pain, relax,
stimulate, and tone the body. Although it largely affects those
muscles just under the skin, its benefits also reach the deeper
layers of muscle, organs and the nervous system. Massage also
stimulates blood circulation and assists the lymphatic system
(which runs parallel to the circulatory system), improving the
elimination of waste throughout the body. Thus reducing muscle
tension, head aches, increasing blood flow to the muscle tissue
and increasing flexibility. Detroit Massage Therapy
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Metro Detroit's Premier Massage Therapy Service
has been servicing the Try-county Area for more than 2 years now.  
  • Responding to Hotel Appointments
  • Responding to Local Residents
  • Participating in Local Events
Receive A Massage Just For You
Indulge In Relaxation With Your Partner
Lets Us Cater To Your Pamper Retreat or Wedding Party
Why We Are Here
Traveling "to and fro" in Metro Detroit creates much stress
with the traffic and harsh weathers.  Rather you're in town for
business or a special occasion we can service you right at your
hotel with a wonderful relaxing massage to make the trip more
exciting and tolerable for you.

Working and living in the surrounding area stimulates much pain
and stress as well.  In many aspects we have been servicing the
community. Many of our therapist report to homes all over South
east Michigan providing great relaxation to those in need. We are
also listed on visitdetroit.com for information.  You May fall in a
category with a discount so please refer to the discount section of
this site for details.
Our diverse staff can accommodate all of your relaxation
needs as pleasant and professional as possible.
Natural Touch 1-877-801-5345 9am-9pm
Natural Touch Massage
Massage Therapy & Spa Services
Escape The World!
Office Calls.  Even if you're at the
office a therapist can meet you to
ease the tension from the day's
stresses.  If you're a teacher a
therapist could service you on your
lunch hour or prep-hour.  It could
make life much easier for you at
Event Chair Massage is also
available for your  group or function.
This is just a Handful of our staff serving you.
More of our Staff:

Cheryl Greer NCBTMB Certified              Sommer Collins Qualified
Stacey Mitchell Qualified                         Demetria Davenport Qualified
Charles Anderson Qualified                    Keona Middlebrook Qualified  
Deidre Davis
Qualified                             Emanuel Borden III Qualified
Lanesia Chambers Qualified                   Kalie Tillman Qualified
Clarence Duren Medical Massage           Toni Marie Baker Qualified
Chanika Lucas Qualified                          Sarah Stevens Qualified
Felecia Cammon Qualified                       Adrian Clemons Qualified
Paulette Stanley Qualified                       Heather Williams Qualified
Massage Therapy
  • Reducing Muscle Tension
  • Increasing Blood Circulation
    to Muscle Tissue
  • Reducing Head Aches
  • Increasing Muscle Flexibility
  • Improving Lymph Drainage
  • Removing Dead Blood Cells
    Due to Injuries.
  • Increasing A Relaxed State
    of Mind
  • Reducing Minor Aches &
    Pains Due to Muscle Fatigue
Toxins & Fluids That
Build Up In Your Muscle
  1.  Lactic Acid
  2.  Pneumonia
  3.  Dead Blood Cells
  4.  Lymph Drainage
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